Progetto Life+ AGRICARE Innovative Green Farming


The overall objective of the LIFE-AGRICARE project is to demonstrate that the introduction of new integrated applications, based on the conservative agriculture and enhanced with front-running precision farming technologies, have an important potential in terms of energy saving and GHG reduction in the agricultural sector, while preserving the yield productivity and other relevant environmental parameters.

The specific objectives are:

  • to test and demonstrate upon 4 different cropping systems the GHG mitigation potential determined by the application of 5 types of new electronic and mechanical machines & equipment for the minimum tillage/sustainable soil management, as compared with similar tests of the traditional type, to benchmark the effective potential of energy saving and GHG mitigation determined by innovative precision farming for the rural sector;
  • to analyze the barriers to the diffusion of such techniques in different Italian rural backgrounds and to assess the economic convenience for the farmers to introduce advanced precision farming systems taking into account the main driving forces towards the changes: (1) maintenance or increasing of yields (2) emissions and energy reductions during the farming processes (3) the overall economic benefits;
  • to evaluate - through the application of modelling systems using "soil, plant, climate" interpolation and GIS analysis - the long-term effects of the technological introductions upon the effects of the climate change patters in agriculture, as well as to profile the Italian rural surfaces that are more suitable/permeable for the introduction of the tested technologies according to the different large-scale diffusion scenarios. The scope is to set the numbers about the potential expansion (in terms of hectares) of the innovative techniques selected and experimented;
  • to introduce at large scale the low emissions precision farming techniques as well as the agro-environmental indicators, by implementing a sharp transferability at regional, national and European level.