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The Pilot Site

Owned by the Veneto region and managed by Veneto Agricoltura, the pilot company ValleVecchia is located between the towns of Caorle and Bibione. It is the last non-urbanized coastal site in the northern Adriatic area.

Among the last territory ameliorations in Veneto, the territory is characterized by important naturalistic -environmental values: between the sandy shore and the pine forest, there is the largest shoreline dune systems in Veneto meanwhile extending to the North are the complementary agricultural areas rich with environmental elements such as hedges, wooded areas, wetlands and grassy grounds.

For these particular habitats, ValleVecchia was recognized as a Special Protected Area and Site of Community Importance in Rete Natura 2000 of the European Community.

Today, with a total of 800 hectares, almost half is occupied by areas of huge naturalistic value: 63 hectares of coastal pine forest, 100 hectares of lowland forests, 24 km of hedges, and over 68 hectares of wetlands.

Thanks to this value, the company hosts the Environmental Museum of ValleVecchia with intense regard to nature education for schools and activities for nature and rural tourism.
The UAA cultivated is 377 ha which are destined to rotational field crops (maize, wheat, soybean, canola, sorghum, medical, glass).